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Hardwood flooring could be just what you need

When it comes to picking to best hardwood flooring for your home, it pays to have some research behind you. The more you know about the character and benefits of this product line, the better. You'll find long-lasting results as you learn about options that cater to your every need.

These floors could serve you for 100 years or more with a professional installation. And they demand very little maintenance once in place. Here are some facts that could serve you as you search for your new flooring.

Stunning visual options are here

Wood floors have always offered outstanding visual elements you can customize. Choose a species, stain color, and finish to get your perfect look. And you can add to that look with impressive formats and installation layouts.

Don't forget that trends could give you a look you've always wanted, regardless of your decor. There are plenty to choose from, with options like whitewash and light stain colors. And there's one for your perfect decor match too.

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Outstanding durability serves you well

The correct species choice will give you the perfect level of durability for both solid and engineered wood flooring. Different hardnesses cater to varying needs so that you can opt for customized protection. The more durability you need, the harder your species choice should be.

You can also help protect your hardwood flooring with the proper sealant. But even textured finishes can help hide light scuffing and scratching. The result is a floor covering that can give you the lifespan you want and need in every space.

Acclimation and installation information

No matter which hardwood flooring you choose, acclimation is a must. This process helps equalize humidity for better performance after installation. The process takes from one to three days, depending on the weather and humidity in your home.

After acclimation, installation can start as usual, based on your specific choices. Prefinished materials offer a much faster installation. But site-finished materials offer more stain color choices.
Hardwood flooring in Union, KY from Martin Brothers Flooring

Choose your hardwood flooring options today

When you're ready for the best wood floors, visit us at Martin Brothers Flooring to find products that fit your needs. Our inventory selection has something for everyone, and our associates will help. We also offer sanding and refinishing among our many services. 

We cater to residents from Union, KY, Walton, KY, Florence, KY, Burlington, KY, Hebron, KY, and Independence, KY. And we invite you to search for your perfect hardwood flooring at our Walton, KY showroom. Visit us today to begin your remodel of any size.