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Hardwood refinishing


Hardwood refinishing is an important service

Hardwood floor refinishing is necessary for anyone with hardwood floors. It's a service that strips away years of wear from the surface of your floors, leaving them looking new again. If you've never had your floors refinished, you may want to know more about the service.

If you're coming up on the need for refinishing, learning more can help you make the right choices. We'll tell you all about it and work with you to create results you're sure to appreciate. And once refinishing is complete, your floors will look great for another few decades.

What is hardwood refinishing?

Wood floor refinishing is a process that strips away scratches, gouges, scuffs, and more. We do that by sanding the surface to remove those damaged layers. This reveals a new layer of wood that can take a new stain color, finish, and sealant. 

You can even change these to fit a new look or preference. We can apply any new stain color or finish as a new floor. And these will last for decades before it needs more attention.



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What is the process for refinishing?

Hardwood floor refinishing starts with sanding floors and then moves through the steps of actual refinishing. The process can take several days based on the size of your project and the amount of damage we have to remove. But we'll give you an estimate of how long it should take before we even start.

How long does refinishing last?

This is another answer that depends a great deal on your choices. First, a thicker and more durable sealant will last longer. But so will a textured finish, especially if you want to hide scratches.

The wood floor refinishing could last for one to two decades with all the best options based on your household needs. And it will last even longer with rugs and runners in place. Be sure to ask about other tips for extending the life of your flooring.
Hardwood refinishing in Walton, KY from Martin Brothers Flooring

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