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Waterproof flooring has so much to offer

When choosing waterproof flooring, you're selecting a wide range of benefits. They offer stunning visuals, impressive durability, and a reasonable lifespan. When you can bring all these features together in one, the results are just what you need.

You'll want to know if you've never experienced complete waterproof protection. A good understanding of these materials can give you the best results once you choose. And there's something for everyone and every need, so browse with care.

Enjoy visual perfection in every room

The beauty you'll find in waterproof vinyl plank flooring matches any decor style. Enjoy various grain patterns, colors, and formats to match or create the perfect look. In addition, you'll see many species' looks so that you can customize your floors with ease. 

Waterproof flooring offers as many trending options as other materials do. Whitewash coloring and herringbone installations are available in these materials too. For stone look trends, consider marble or travertine for elegance and more.

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Durability is available in every product

You don't have to sacrifice durability for floors as beautiful as these. Waterproof materials offer even more protection than water-resistant flooring. You'll never have to worry about water damage, but that's not all.

You'll also find protection from scuffs, stains, scrapes, and scratches. Even with pets in the home, these floors stand up well under daily wear. And the results will serve you for up to 20 years with a professional installation.

Installation is quick and easy

These floors offer options like glue-down and floating floors for the quickest installations. Once you choose a specific material, we'll give you all the details on the process. And you can ask questions for all the answers you need about your waterproof flooring.

Once in place, you can clean these floors with only a broom and damp mop. But with area rugs or runners in place, they'll be even easier to clean. Ask us about all our tips and tricks for cleaning and maintaining these beautiful floors.
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We're here to serve your waterproof flooring needs

At Martin Brothers Flooring, we cater to your requirements for the best floor coverings. And we also offer services that will match each one. Take time to speak with an associate to learn more about what we can do for you.

You're sure to find your perfect waterproof flooring at our Walton, KY showroom. From there, we serve the areas of Union, KY, Walton, KY, Florence, KY, Burlington, KY, Hebron, KY, and Independence, KY. When you're ready to begin, we'll work right alongside you.